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German Shepherd patch
  • German Shepherd patch

    This is a 3”x3” Iron on/ sow on patch or select Attach and Peel-(hook)

     Embroidered German Shepherd design black patch with white thread Shepherd. This patch can be placed on T-shirts, hoodies, jackets. Etc. You need Iron on high heat to apply. Make sure the fabric you are applying it to can handle the heat. Works great on 100 percent cotton. INSTRUCTIONSStep 1: HEAT IRON (to temp best for material the patch will be applied to) Step 2: PLACE PATCH in the desired position & place a pressing cloth (handkerchief or pillowcase) on top to protect patch.Step 3: PRESS the iron down for 30-60 seconds, (flat surface) depending on the fabric. Press down on all the edge and all of center make sure you heat all of the patch. IF YOU WASH YOUR SHIRT AND PATCH CAME OFF THE SHIRT A LITTLE THEN REPEAT did not apply enough heat. Remember patch is thick and you need to hold down iron to make sure you transfer heat right thru it to melt the glue behind it. 🐾Optional : Step 4: Sew with machine, or by hand with fine needle & thimble.FOR BACKPACKS HATS & HEAVY FABRICS: Iron on may not work with heavy materials. MACHINE SEW, OR HOT GLUE PATCH ON.

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